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by Sean Dillon posted Jul 9 2014 10:40AM
According to Spotify, Texas isn't that patriotic...

Spotify ranked the most patriotic states by how many American tunes they streamed on last year's holiday, with our nation's capital D.C. coming out on top, followed by Nebraska, Delaware, Louisiana, and Utah.

The most streamed patriotic songs by state:

Alabama: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Alaska: American, Macklemore

Arizona: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Arkansas: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

California: America F--- Yeah, Team America Tribute

Colorado: The Star Spangled Banner, Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Connecticut: Born in the USA, Bruce Springsteen

Delaware: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Florida: America F--- Yeah, Team America Tribute

Georgia: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Hawaii: Surfin' USA, The Beach Boys

Idaho: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Illinois: R.O.C.K. in the USA, John Mellencamp

Indiana: God Bless America, Lee Greenwood

Iowa: Arlington, Trace Adkins

Kansas: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Kentucky: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Louisiana: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Maine: Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus

Maryland: Young Americans, David Bowie

Massachusetts: Back in the USA, Chuck Berry

Michigan: The Star Spangled Banner, Lee Greenwood

Minnesota: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Mississippi: R.O.C.K. in the USA, John Mellencamp

Missouri: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Montana: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Nebraska: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Nevada: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

New Hampshire: Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus

New Jersey: America F--- Yeah, Team America Tribute

New Mexico: Letters from Home, John Michael Montgomery

New York: Fourth of July, Asbury Park, Bruce Springsteen

North Carolina: America the Beautiful, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

North Dakota: Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus

Ohio: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Oklahoma: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Oregon: Everyday America, Sugarland

Pennsylvania: The Star Spangled Banner, Whitney Houston

Rhode Island: It's America, Rodney Atkins

South Carolina: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

South Dakota: Rockin' in the Free World, Neil Young

Tennessee: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Texas: Fourth of July, Robert Earl Keen

Utah: Off We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder, Band of the U.S. Air Force Reserve

Vermont: America the Beautiful, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

Virginia: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Washington: R.O.C.K. in the USA, John Mellencamp

West Virginia: American Girl, Tom Petty

Wisconsin: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

Wyoming: God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

by Sean Dillon posted Jun 3 2014 12:58PM
On the way to work I got to see that wonderful Lubbock driver. The one that is driving too fast, weaving in and out of lanes and being a danger to all of us on the roads in my rear view mirror. As he tried to pass me on the one open lane of the road he slammed on the brakes, as if he was more important than all of us. There is nothing THAT important where he had to be going 80 mph on the Loop access road.

I could see him flipping me off in the mirror and I laughed. Not just a chuckle but a full belly laugh.  I turned my car to the shoulder and let him speed by.

Right into the speed trap set up by the Lubbock Police.

In my mind as I got to work he was enjoying a full cavity search for being such an ass.

Drive friendly or else enjoy the consequences.
by Sean Dillon posted May 15 2014 5:22PM

Sometimes I think when I visit the in-laws that I will see something amazing since they still own an old 8' satelite dish that they get everything off of.  But they live in the country and in the middle of nowhere.

But then I came across this and it scared me...

Puppet Rape? Really, someone must be joking

by Sean Dillon posted May 9 2014 10:22AM
When you go golfing people laugh at your misfortune... until their ball falls into the lake , sand trap etc.

I've been getting a bunch of crap from people talking about my bad golf shot... So I remind them that it isn't just me that sucks at golf...

and then they just shut up.
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by Sean Dillon posted May 6 2014 6:36PM
have to leave it all out on the course.

So yesterday I was privledged to play in the Children's Home of Lubbock Golf Championship.  I hadn't played for over 3 years and it showed. So before I started I got some tips from Long Drive Hall of Famer Bobby Wilson. I think the one that left the most impact on me was, have fun and have one drive where you let it just go.

So I did.

I don't remember which hole it was, I was just so angry at the way I was playing. So I just choked up and swung. I had my friend Randy video my swing to see what I was doing wrong.
and I think I found my problem.  Let me know when you find out what it was... I've got no idea.
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by Sean Dillon posted May 3 2014 10:30AM
Ah, Lemonade Day. A great effort by people around the country to teach our children the joys of owning their own business.  Teaching them to save some, share some and spend some.  I can already tell on my way to work today what kind of future we have.

Stand #1 - Nice sign "Lemonade Stand - $1" with a kid in a TIE in front of his house. Mom was watching from the porch. Spent $1 with him. Was polite and asked me if I had drank 3 glasses of lemonade yet. Told him no, he was the first. "Well, there are plenty of great stands out there or you can come back and drink 2 more glasses. I won't mind."  Proud of this kid. No hard sell. Probably will throw him a fiver on my way home. I see this kid as a business owner in the future. Also getting beat up a lot (lose the tie, you're nine.)

Stand #2 - People , family, friends surround this lemonade stand with signs that say "DELICIOUS LEMONADE" , "Buy 4 glasses, get the 5th free," and my favorite one of all, "How can you just drive by?"  But I was almost late for work and the kid had a line, with a red carpet leading up to the stand... with a bouncer.  So I drove by. This kid will own a nightclub.

Stand #3 - This was the one that I can see the most interesting future for. The stand had nice signs all over the place with friends helping direct people to the line.  They had sign up sheets to notify me where he was going to be in the future. But what made me interested the most was his brother who had a stand across the street. I could tell they were related because the poor younger brother was by himself.

Also because one of the older brothers friends had a sign that said, "My younger brothers lemonaid was made with Swamp Ass water. Mine uses double filtrated ionic water."

I went over and threw the kid by himself a fiver. 

Because when you have a future congressman as a brother, you need all the help you can get.
by Sean Dillon posted Apr 30 2014 11:03AM
My dad always told me, "if you can't do it right, step aside and let someone else do it." The first time I stepped aside, I found that I wasn't involved with the project ever again.  So instead of stepping aside, I tried my damnest to do the task.

Quick fixes never work and in the end cost people jobs.  Take the healthcare website.  There was such a push to get it out and it just didn't work.  What IT/Software mastermind came up and said... "yup, take it around for a spin." The software was glitchy, nothing tested right and people lost their jobs because it didn't work. 

But was it a failure of JUST the designers, or a failure of the people who created the program in the first place.  If it was up to me, I would have had a fully designed , beta tested and appproved, website MONTHS before I ever threw out the initiative.

Because in the effort to get things done fast, they weren't done right.

There are people in the world who believe solving any problem with the path of least resistence.  There are other people who believe that fixing a problem involve rigging a complex series of things most of them involving duct tape and bailing wire.

But why can't we do things right the 1st time?

Cause if the website worked in the first place, nobody would give a damn about it now.

I once asked my dad for a scooter. My friends had scooters, and at 14, a scooter that could go 30 miles per hour was a step closer to a motorcycle. 

I got a bicycle, with a basket and tassles.

My dad tried a quick fix.

In the end, my brother enjoyed that wonderful bike and I walked everywhere. Because after riding with my friend on his motorcycle, there was NO WAY I was riding a bicycle... with a basket... and tassels.
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by Sean Dillon posted Apr 22 2014 10:28AM
Recently, I've been sent letters from professionals who want my help on their projects. It's an honor to be considered for these efforts, but I am distracted by the amount of spelling mistakes that somehow get past. Now in a blog, Zuckerbook or something informal, I can understand being loosey-goosey with the language, but this was a PROFESSIONAL LETTER ASKING FOR MY HELP!

Really? As a society, we should realize that technology is our friend and that we have the ability to have several spell checkers / dictionaries / online dictionaries available to us and we should use them.

Because seeing this:

  should scare the living hell out of you.
by Sean Dillon posted Apr 14 2014 10:05AM
So over the weekend Harrison Ford, Han Solo from the Star Wars movies, BAD ASS mofo, did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit when he was asked the question that everyone always thinks of when you think of the 1st Star Wars...

Yup, he just gave a perfect Han Solo answer.

He's not here for the glory, just to be that man who sprays us with water and tells us to get the F off his lawn.

Rumor is Ford will be back for Star Wars 7. 

Are you excited about the Return of Solo?
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