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by Sean Dillon posted May 15 2014 5:22PM

Sometimes I think when I visit the in-laws that I will see something amazing since they still own an old 8' satelite dish that they get everything off of.  But they live in the country and in the middle of nowhere.

But then I came across this and it scared me...

Puppet Rape? Really, someone must be joking

by Sean Dillon posted Apr 22 2014 10:28AM
Recently, I've been sent letters from professionals who want my help on their projects. It's an honor to be considered for these efforts, but I am distracted by the amount of spelling mistakes that somehow get past. Now in a blog, Zuckerbook or something informal, I can understand being loosey-goosey with the language, but this was a PROFESSIONAL LETTER ASKING FOR MY HELP!

Really? As a society, we should realize that technology is our friend and that we have the ability to have several spell checkers / dictionaries / online dictionaries available to us and we should use them.

Because seeing this:

  should scare the living hell out of you.
by Sean Dillon posted Apr 3 2014 5:00PM
so I went to the doctor because I couldn't breathe... and I was sent to get blood work done.  I hate needles and everything about taking blood since my days of being a poor college student and selling plasma, but that's a WHOLE nother story for another time.

So I had this poor intern assigned to taking my blood and let's just say it didn't go as well as she expected.

Now I could say I was taping the whole thing, but I wasn't but I have a sample of what it looked like.

So it went just about that nice and the intern turned bright red apologizing for hurting me, and the squirting of my blood turned into a Benny Hill Sketch. Blood went everywhere and I felt sorry for the phlebotomy intern who was trying to get the "perfect stick". So now I have a black and blue mark on my hand about the size of a baseball, people are asking me if I'm shooting up and what a stupid place to shoot up, and all I did was try and get blood work done so I could feel better.

So I'm thinking of next April Fools, having a squirting blood hand next year, squirting red dye water at them.

What do you think?
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