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by Sean Dillon posted Jul 10 2015 2:01PM
and I'm trying to figure out where the wins / losses in the Texas Tech schedule will fit.

Where will be the game that the Red Raiders SHOCK THE WORLD...

and which game will they overlook.

Time is getting closer to football season and I know I shouldn't overlook the summer, but it is in my bones. As an alumni, my heart beats a little faster when fall hits the campus of Texas Tech.

Are you ready for football season yet?
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by Sean Dillon posted Mar 3 2015 4:54PM
Bad news, because of renovations at the Jones, no Texas Tech Spring game this year... good news, still having practice down in Midland.

Take a look at the student-athletes on the 2015 Texas Tech roster:

Somebody make a prediction on how this team is going to do this year... I think they will surprise ALOT of you!  The countdown to the first game has begun!

2015 Spring Roster
Name Year Ht./Wt. Hometown Last School
40 Dakota Allen RS FR 6-2/234 Linebacker Humble, Texas Summer Creek
38 Kisean AllenClick here to hear it RS FR 6-0/177 Defensive Back Mesquite, Texas Poteet
51 Demetrius Alston SR 6-3/272 Defensive Line Norcross, Ga. Hutchinson CC
25 Sam Atoe SR 5-11/232 Linebacker Windsor, Calif. College of San Mateo
84 Zach Austin SO 5-11/181 Wide Receiver Austin, Texas Lake Travis
18 Micah AweClick here to hear it SR 6-0/223 Linebacker Arlington, Texas Mansfield Summitt
49 Michael Barden RS FR 5-10/174 Place Kicker Austin, Texas Westlake
19 Jalen Barnes SO 6-0/197 Defensive Back Port Arthur, Texas Memorial
12 Zach Barnes SO 6-2/230 Defensive Line Loganville, Ga. Grayson
80 Cameron Batson SO 5-9/170 Wide Receiver Oklahoma City, Okla. Millwood
1 Nigel Bethel II SO 5-9/184 Defensive Back Miami, Fla. Booker T. Washington
54 Grant BoumaClick here to hear it RS FR 6-2/224 Linebacker Bakersfield, Calif. Bakersfield Christian
30 Collin Bowen SO 6-3/212 Linebacker Amarillo, Texas Randall
46 David Brenner SR 6-0/230 Deep Snapper Plano, Texas Canyon Creek Christian Academy
65 Baylen Brown JR 6-4/310 Offensive Line San Antonio, Texas O'Connor
14 Dylan Cantrell JR 6-3/219 Wide Receiver Whitehouse, Texas Whitehouse
72 Robert CastanedaClick here to hear it RS FR 6-5/295 Offensive Line Round Rock, Texas Round Rock
29 Joseph Clark FR 5-9/170 Defensive Back Tyler, Texas Chapel Hill
62 Le'Raven Clark SR 6-6/316 Offensive Line Rockdale, Texas Rockdale
21 Michael Coley RS FR 6-3/202 Defensive Back Irving, Texas Irving
74 Cole Collier RS FR 6-2/302 Offensive Line Prosper, Texas Prosper
88 Clancy David SO 6-6/212 Wide Receiver Denver City, Texas Denver City
2 Reginald Davis JR 6-0/185 Wide Receiver Tenaha, Texas Tenaha
18 Jakari Dillard RS FR 6-4/196 Wide Receiver Princeton, Texas Princeton
22 Derrick Dixon SO 5-9/199 Defensive Back Dallas, Texas Skyline
37 Bobby EsiabaClick here to hear it SR 6-0/226 Linebacker Houston, Texas Dallastown PA
4 Breiden FehokoClick here to hear it FR 6-3/287 Defensive Line Honolulu, Hawaii Farrington
27 Demarcus Felton RS FR 5-7/188 Running Back Houston Dekaney
3 J.J. Gaines SR 6-0/181 Defensive Back Irving, Texas Nimitz
11 Jakeem Grant SR 5-7/169 Wide Receiver Mesquite, Texas Mesquite Horn
96 Clayton Hatfield RS FR 5-10/178 Place Kicker Boerne, Texas Champion
53 Kyle Heffron SO 5-10/226 Deep Snapper San Antonio, Texas Ronald Reagan
24 Payton Hendrix RS FR 6-2/202 Defensive Back Dallas, Texas Bishop Dunne
38 Ja'Deion HighClick here to hear it SO 5-11/182 Wide Receiver Hereford, Texas Hereford
9 Branden Jackson SR 6-4/268 Defensive Line McKeesport, Pa.
by Sean Dillon posted Jan 23 2015 9:05AM

Will Seattle win or will New England win?

Sean predicts a Seahawk win.

Freedman predicts he will be drinking & watching commercials.

Kansas predicts a Patriot victory.


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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 22 2015 10:40AM

Before I start, I will not be accepting the following comments from New England Patriots fans:
  1. “Everybody’s doing it.”
  2. “You just hate Belichick / Belichick knew nothing”
  3. “We would have won without the deflated balls.”
  4. “This is such a made up story.”
Here are the reasons why you are wrong.

My mom is an incredible woman and when I was growing up I would watch other people on skateboards, jumping their bikes across the dry creek bed outside our Mid-Cities home. I wanted to join them and she stopped quote #1 in its infancy.

                “Just because ‘everyone’ are doing it, doesn’t make it right nor does it make it ok for you to do it.”

So instead of jumping bikes with everyone else, I watched as a kid missed the ramp, fell and broke his arm. Mom was right. We’ve all drove above the speed limit. Some of us have gotten tickets for it. When we get pulled over, how many of us tried the “well, everyone is doing it,” excuse? How did that work out for you?  Not too good eh? So it doesn’t matter who was doing what. The NFL caught the Patriots violating the rules.

I don’t hate Belichick. I really don’t. I wish he would have been more of a visionary when he was coaching the Cleveland Browns. I wish that he didn’t run an offensive scheme that put most everyone in Municipal Stadium to sleep. But his arrogance will be his own downfall. You cannot claim to be “shocked” to hear that this was happening. You are the head coach & general manager. Sean Payton tried the “well I didn’t know about Bountygate” excuse. How did that work out for him?  He spent a year watching football from his Barca lounger.

But Sean, the Patriots dominated Indy. Someone even said that Blount could have been carrying a beach ball and the Colts couldn’t stop him. STOP. Go to a mirror. Look in the mirror and say, “I can cheat at my job & we are so dominant that it wouldn’t matter.” Did you smile? Yeah, thought so. Just because they could have done it before cheating makes it twice as bad. The Patriots could have won versus Indy without cheating. So why did they? Did they cheat versus Baltimore, a team they barely beat? See once you get caught cheating… it doesn’t matter WHEN you play. You will always have people looking at you wondering if you are playing on the up and up.

So it does matter.

Finally, this isn’t a made up story. This is a story about ethics in the NFL. While the NFL has swept domestic violence, child + drug abuse under the rug this year to its public relations detriment, this new –gate threatens the NFL in a new way.

Its integrity.

The NFL’s year is more approaching story lines of the WWE than of great players of NFL past.  Roger Goodell has one thing up his sleeve.
Some media people bring up NFL rule 17, as a solution, giving the Colts a chance to replay the game. This won’t happen. Not one chance in a billion would this happen.

But Roger has already set a precedent with Sean Payton. Payton said that he “didn’t know,” yet he was punished for a year because “he should have.”

The solution will not ease the pains of Baltimore or Indianapolis fans.

The penalty will be announced after the Super Bowl to the media’s surprise. (sarcasm intended)

Goodell can either save the NFL or make it closer to HE HATE ME.

But it is up to him to act, swiftly and with logic.

He needs to remove 1st round draft picks for the next 2 years for the Patriots, giving them to Baltimore and Indianapolis respectfully, and remove Bill Bellichick from the position of GM/Coach for a period not to be less than one year.

If he does that, or something so punitive that the entire football nation says, “Holy crap, I don’t want to get caught with that penalty looming over me”, then he will regain some of the respect that he lost in 2014.

If he doesn’t, and decides to do something lesser, a mere slap on the wrist, Goodell will go down as one of the worst commissioners in United States sports history.

It’s not just about fairness.  I have a friend’s son who loves football and wants to play for Texas Tech and in the NFL. One of the things his YFL coach told him when he was young was, “Let’s play the game fair because if you cheat, you will sit on the bench for the rest of the game. Shake hands with them win or lose! This isn’t your life, but you are should be enjoying a great game with friends, so go out there and let’s have fun. Ok? Fun on 3.”

It’s your move Roger. Fun on 3.
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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 19 2015 12:04PM
What a Super yawnnnnnnnn will this be. In one corner, you have the defending Super Bowl DOMINANT champ Seattle Seahawks, versus the Tom Brady, ugg wearing, underflating New England Cheatriots with Bill Belicheat at the head.

Surpisingly to none, the NFL is investigating if the Cheatriots were using an underinflated ball yesterday versus the Colts. Most days I would just say, "So what? The Colts were totally out matched." BUT this is the playoffs, where a higher expectation of fair play should be expected.

Most people think that the NFL should just take away more draft picks from the Cheatriots and fine Belicheat.

I say no.

Remove Belicheat from the league for a year. He has proven with "Spygate" that he is already willing to cross the ethical line.  Now it is time to make him pay a price. No fine / draft picks will be enough to hurt a team like the Cheatriots.

The NFL has already said that a bounty system was worth a coach losing a year.  What about cheating?
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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 9 2015 3:28PM
Ravens vs Pats
It's Foxboro, cold and miserable.  But these two teams could face each other 1000 times and I couldn't care less. I was told I had to pick a winner, but I can't. I'll pick the Pats to suck less.

Carolina vs Seattle
A trip to the NFC Championship game is up for grabs and what would make me happier than anything else would be a Panthers win.  But Seattle has too many skilled defensive players, they are at the home of the 12th whatever (A&M, just bite me) and I just don't see the 'hawks choking. Seattle by 12

Dallas vs Green Bay
The frozen tundra of Lambaugh Field...
means nothing. Discount Quarterback is injured and a cold torn calf means a change of the offensive philosophy.


Finally the Manning Bowl...

Indy vs Denver.
I could talk about how this is Luck's year and Peyton is on the far back end of a storied career, but it's the playoffs at home with Red Raiders on the team. Denver rolls.

As for the National Championship game...
Ohio State played nobody. the Big 10 blows and I really like Marcus Mariotta.

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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 1 2015 11:59PM
Florida State are a bunch of punks. I don't care if you lost by 3 or 38, you shake hands with your opponent when you are finished. It's good sportsmanship.

Mr. Winston is a thug. I will give him partial credit for staying and shaking hands unlike 70% of the Florida State team, but he is another loose cannon, a Johnny Manziel, that yes, he has a Heisman, but he doesn't ask like he does.

Mariotta is a star. This kid will star somewhere in the NFL. Honest, loyal, and deferential to his team. He is a leader that will do well in the future.

Alabama's clock management was horrid. My wife was screaming at the TV for them to "spike the ball, hike it, do something!" in the last two minutes but they deserved to lose!

Ohio State isn't as bad as we all thought they were but how much of this game was mismanaged by coaches. Ohio State's QB couldn't be stopped when he ran, but they rarely ran him. Alabama's fullback was a beast... when he got the ball.

I am looking forward to Oregon vs Ohio State because there won't be a SEC school in the 1st College Football Playoff final.

Take Oregon, give the points. Marcus is on a mission!
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by Sean Dillon posted Nov 9 2014 11:00AM
The College Football Playoff is here and yesterday SEC schools had a case of Donkey vs. Donkey violence. Yes, we all knew that not all of the SEC schools would make the Top 4 for the playoff even with the embarrassing scheduling that they do every year.

But there is no way the playoff expands to 8 or 16 until we truly have a mess.

I'm asking for a majority of the top 10 to take it in the gas pipe, choking like Auburn did yesterday to A&M. I want teams like Florida State to be embarrassed and have to BEG to get into the playoff.

Without controversy, we're going to be dealing with the BCS crap again, and how did THAT end up?

So Top 10 teams, choke. For the good of the playoffs!

Am I wrong? Tell me below!
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by Sean Dillon posted Nov 1 2014 2:01PM
Dear Texas Political Candidates, I have an offer that will guarantee my vote this and all election cycles thereafter.

Here is my challenge.

Since Texas A&M has left for the SEC and they really don't want to have to play Texas Tech or UT anymore, I want to challenge you to force them to do so. We need them as a patsy, an easy win.

Do you want my vote?

Propose a amendment to the Texas Constitution that says "The State of Texas will take 50% of Texas A&M's portion of the Permanent University Fund and reallocate it to Texas Tech University and distribute the remaining portion to any 4 year institution in the State of Texas until there is a time where Texas A&M plays Texas Tech & UT in football yearly, If UT decides that they don't want to play Texas A&M, their portion of the PUF fund will also be distributed as mentioned above."

Propose that, and let the fireworks begin.

Because every moron who claims that there is a "equality" across the state of Texas can chew on whatever BS they think.

So do you want my vote? Then do something FOR Texas Tech instead of the lip service.

Help Tech gain a better footing vs the EVIL in Austin & College Station.

I'll be waiting your phone call.
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by Sean Dillon posted Oct 31 2014 8:00PM

It’s Halloween and the trick or treaters are all around my neighborhood. But they won’t take a pair of Texas Tech Red Raider tickets from me.

“It’s a trick,” they say!

Yes, it is.

The Red Raiders are still a young team, and I still believe that we are at least 2-3 years away from a championship caliber team.

It isn't just players, UT gets the best of the best recruits in Texas, but they haven't sniffed a championship in 4 years.

It takes experience and time.

What don’t we have right now? We don’t have seasoned anything. In the past Texas Tech was filled with the Good Ole Boys network. We were filled with experience, but were not filled with excitement.

Now, Texas Tech has excitement and the power of youth, but we also have a degree of arrogance and immaturity.

The team that we pray will come around in the future will depend on the paths that are taken by all the players:

2013, a sophomore quarterback and two freshman QB’s – How did that end up?
2014, a sophomore quarterback and two freshman QB’s – 2nd verse, same as the 1st.


Expect a rebuilding of the mindset of both the coaching staff and the student athletes.

Expect a team that we should love without the expectations of winning… YET

Because the more pressure we put on this team, the bigger disappointment they will be.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders will return to the top of the Big 12, just not for the next 2 years.

That will be the treat we all deserve!

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by Sean Dillon posted Sep 29 2014 5:44PM

Coronado beat Permian for the first time in 6 years, in the end words were said, shoving happened and stupid things followed.

But in the end, it was just a game.

In our lives we hold sporting events and competitions to such a lofty level that judges have been known to play favorites, officials “cheat” and parents drive their kids where they do not want to play anymore.


Why is winning so important in the grand scheme of things? I think it is all about how teams accept winning & losing. Some are so entitled that they believe that when they lost it must be (insert excuse here). But it isn't. You lost plain and simple.

It all comes down to values. When the brush up happened and the rumor mills started up , I warned people to stop trolling and let ALL the information come to a front.

What we have found out is pretty amazing.

The story about how Coronado players disrespected a United States Marine.  Disputed BY THE MARINE!

Why do we allow rumors and tales spread?

Because we don't want our kids to be the bad ones. "We taught our kids better."  Yeah, you did, but sometimes teaching your kids doesn't mean that they execute your wishes.

Values are one of the richest things we can give our kids. 

I’ll be honest with you my friends, financially I’m not a rich man. I’ve lived hand to mouth my entire life. I have not gotten everything that I wanted, but I grew up with 2 brothers and 3 sisters. My parents worked multiple jobs sometimes to help me in my life. I was in a lower middle class family that handed down clothes to my brothers and did not get the coolest things first. But while my friends always had the hottest clothes, or the best lunches, I had family.

Yes, because of situations beyond my control, I once brought a macaroni and cheese sandwich to school. I was not cool and moved around too many times to make any life long friends until I settled down in Lubbock for college.

But I have worked my butt off and one day, the wonderful house that I have paid every single cent I could earn and more into… will be mine. No one can take away accomplishments that you achieve. Only you can take accomplishments and make them meaningless.

As a kid, I was terrible in sports, I wouldn’t shut up and I did not have anything that I could call a significant sports success. I could tell you about leading the pony league of baseball in walks, strikeouts and being hit by pitch but that delays my point.

I don’t remember any of the strikeouts today. None of them. I don’t remember the disappointments of my father, if he had any, that I wasn’t going to be a superstar. Because that wasn’t important to me or to my family.

What was important was making an effort.

I do remember my brief baseball career the one playoff game where I got hit by a pitch, stole 2nd, stole 3rd and got hit in by one of my friends to win the one and only playoff game in my life.

If you think that was funny, have you ever heard about a team carry a player off the field after grounding out to short? I have.

I was the player. My teammates knew I was the worst player, but because I MADE the effort, they recognized how important it was to me to be recognized for my effort.

As adults we know that a kick to win a game should be celebrated today, remembered in the future but ONLY is a memory.

Kids are full of emotions and hormones.

Holding anger in our heart / acting out in frustration has no meaningful consequences. Anger does nothing but keep us from success.

Teach your kids… it’s just a game and they will move on with their lives win or lose. I’ve lost more times than I have won in my life, but my wins I remember each of them with vivid details.

The losses have been forgotten

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by Sean Dillon posted Sep 19 2014 9:58AM
Red Raider fans are approaching a day that they would rather not reach. A day where realization kicks in.

"Holy crap, this team isn't that good."  Don't be surprised. It's coming and when that day arrives there are two things that you should do.

1. Cheer LOUDER
2. Show up no matter what.

But how many games will be announced with more "paid ticket" attendance than actual attendance?

The Red Raiders are still a young team, and I still believe that we are 2-3 years away from a championship caliber team.

It isn't just players, because UT gets the best of the best in Texas, they haven't sniffed a championship in 4 years. Why? Because it takes everything firing on all cylinders to become a winner. It takes fans making the home games seem impossible to visiting teams, it takes players that can execute and it takes coaches that can mold these boys into men.

It takes experience and time.

But Red Raider fans are impatient. They want the respect that winning will give them.

They want other teams to HATE them. That won't happen. It takes beating a team over and over again then losing to that same doormat to start a rivalry.

The great solution to getting respect is being patient. Do your job. Cheer.

Leave everything else up to Tech.

They will win or lose, but that's not on us giving up. That's on THEM.

Quitters never win, and winners never quit. A dust storm of doubt and frustration is coming and how we react as a fan base is how we deserved to be viewed. As fair weather fans who go wherever the wind blows us or as fans who care about this team.

That's on us.

Judgment Day is coming for the Red Raider Nation. How will we be judged?

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by Sean Dillon posted Sep 17 2014 9:23AM
The Minnesota Vikings proved once again that money reigns supreme. After losing their largest sponsor Radisson and several tersely worded letters to the NFL, Adrian Peterson is on the Commissioner's Exempt list until his court case with his son is over. 

But let us look at it from another point of view.

Actions not words.

Radisson hotels have been wrapped with the Minnesota Vikings for years. They have a successful and meaningful partnership with the team. But could they sit there and accept their logo and reputation being sullied because of the anger of a "good man"?

No, they took action and said "Enough's, enough," suspending their sponsorship.

Now other NFL sponsors have taken the route of sending tersely worded letters.


What sponsors needed to do was say was, "We aren't going to associate ourselves with a league that accepts the conduct of its teams and players that conducts itself this way. We would rather lose money in the short term, then be the brand that accepts violence versus women and children."

But many sponsors chickened out.

They sent letters that said things like, "We are disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have overshadowed this NFL season. We are not yet satisfied with the league’s handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code. We have shared our concerns and expectations with the league.”

Yup, that's going to make me want to drink a Bud now.

The NFL Owners have a commissioner that is supposed to be making them money. Now, Roger Goodell must go. It should be not about words of "disappointment" but ACTIONS that matter.

Send a message NFL that you want to turn over a new leaf. Fire Goodell, cancel Pinktober because nothing you say or do will not scream, HYPOCRICY than caring about Breast Cancer Awareness but not caring about a woman getting beat by your employees.

Otherwise be prepared for the lull of ticket sales like Major League Baseball suffered after the 1994-1995 Baseball strike. It took me until the year 2000 to go back to a baseball game.

I may never drink a Bud again.
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by Sean Dillon posted Sep 16 2014 1:46PM
This season was a total disaster, but what was the major cause of the implosion of the team that a couple of years ago was in the World Series?

Possible issues:
1. Nolan Ryan leaving - He is the soul of the team, someone young pitchers could look forward talking with. But because of personality conflict with Jon Daniels he left to go work with Houston. What's the bet that Houston continues to develop faster than the Rangers will in the future? I won't take it because betting against Nolan is a sucker bet.

2. Injuries - Yup, there were alot of injuries

3. Ron Washington quitting - Did Ron take the blame for this year? Did the pressure get to him?

4. Jon Daniels - young punk who has run off an ownership group, Nolan and let Rangers stars go to other teams to shine while bringing in banged up replacements.

Who cares, this season is over and we have to now wait for next year, for this team will have to do the dreaded rebuild.

Good Luck Rangers, you are going to need it.
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by Sean Dillon posted Aug 15 2014 12:54PM

The Dallas Cowboys announced that starting QB Tony Romo will start in the Cowboys’ preseason home opener vs Baltimore tomorrow night.


I’ve been watching the Cowboys pussyfoot around this issue. LET TONY PLAY! If he isn’t ready to get hit by now, this season is over. The herniated disk has been fixed and the Boys need him badly.

I want to see Tony lead the first team down the field to a touchdown… otherwise this is going to be a LONG painful, nowhere near a playoff team season.

What do you think will happen Saturday night?

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by Sean Dillon posted May 31 2014 5:05PM
Tonight the Red Raiders take on Miami in a winners bracket game in the 2014 NCAA Baseball tournament or as some people will call it the #RoadToOmaha. The biggest game since 1995 for Red Raider baseball. I've been to Omaha, Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium, the REAL place to see a baseball game. But the NCAA has wandering wallets and the city of Omaha was forced to build TD Ameritrade Park to keep the College World Series until at least 2035. Ah the NCAA , aka the greedy bastards who want to take every dime out of college sports, but I digress, wants big stories and excitement for the College World Series. Great story lines that keep viewers glued to the television and computer screens.

But in the 1st day , the #2,5 and 6 National Seeds, basically the teams that should have NO problem at all getting to Omaha all lost. Miami in the TV coverage was a fait accompli of facing the Florida Gators in the Super Regional.

Which should piss the living hell out of the Red Raiders.  They got no credit at all for the season they had in the Big 12 because of their 2 & que in the Big 12 tourney. So how do you fix that?

Play angry, aggressive and knock Miami to the losers bracket.

Win tonight and force one of these teams to beat the Red Raiders twice.

If we win tonight, we move on cause this team wants to prove people wrong. They want to play and beat the best like when they faced the #4 national seed Indiana earlier in the year taking 3 of 4.

Play angry and win boys! #WreckEm

It won't be to play #2 national seed Florida either as they were losing 5-0 in their losers bracket game.


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by Sean Dillon posted May 22 2014 4:12PM
But I told you so.

When you are afraid, you play afraid. When you play afraid, you lose.

Texas Tech Baseball had a 7-1 lead but couldn't take advantage of it as Oklahoma, the #8 seed ejects the 4 seed and the Red Raiders are 2 and Barbeque.

This year's team has had the greatest turnaround in the Big 12 from last year, but in the end, they are no better than where they were when the started the season. Yes, they will go to a NCAA Regional, but instead of hosting a region, they will be sent far away.  Instead of being able to take advantage of home field advantage which has been incredible this season, they head out to one of the coasts. I'm predicting South Carolina as a 3 seed.

Every Texas Tech fan feels like they've been kicked in the nuts, but there is nothing we can do about it.

We've supported this team and we will continue to support these men as they represent our school.

All of the fans are just a little disappointed right now and the bitterness will wear off once Texas Tech gets a shiny NCAA tournament bid.

Good Luck Red Raiders.
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by Sean Dillon posted May 21 2014 8:00AM
Thank goodness when the Lubbock ISD did improvements to Lowery Field, they did it safely and responsibly.

Not like the $60,000.000 Alllen Eagles Fiasco where the stadium has been found to be NOT SAFE

Take a look

Illustration: Cracks in Allen Eagle Stadium

Lawsuits will abound and once again, we may not have the ELITE facilities in the state.... but by God, they are safe for both participants AND FANS!

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by Sean Dillon posted May 16 2014 10:59AM
Everyone who is a single female wants to marry the "most eligible bachelor" in Lubbock.

And some people want him to be The Bachelor...

"I don't know if I would have time to fit that in," Kingsbury said on FOX Sports Radio's Jay Mohr Sports. "I think every guy that's gone on ("The Bachelor") wishes they would have put that on his contract. And if they move the mansion to Lubbock, now we're talking!" (From an article from FSSW)

Should Kilff be the Bachelor? 

Let's leave the man alone and let him find love on his own without all of us pushing, "friends of friends" on him.

What do you think?
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by Sean Dillon posted May 15 2014 10:37AM
...the Dallas Cowboys thinking?

They went the entire draft without picking a SINGLE quarterback.

They are putting their entire future in the hands of Brandon Weeden, and let's face it, he's approaching Social Security.  Tony Romo after back surgery

Since 1989, the Cowboys have drafted only FOUR QB's : Troy Aikman, Bill Musgrave, Quincy Carter and Stephen McGee. 3 of the 4 of them can be found places that involve saying, "Would you like fries with that," while the fourth is wondering why he's walking around Dallas without pants because of concussions. You can make the assumptions of who is who.

Look Cowboys fans, we are in trouble.  If we are going to depend on Tony Romo and his back, you better be praying that he doesn't get hurt. Otherwise, the miserable QB rating of Brandon Weedon who even the CLEVELAND BROWNS (who have had 20 QB's since 1999 dumped, will be your starter.

Thanks Jerry!
by Sean Dillon posted May 11 2014 6:49PM
Michael Sam was drafted in the 7th round.


I've listened to more belly aching about a 7th round pick than I have heard about how the Cowboys should have picked Johnny Football.

It's a non issue.  It doesn't matter that Michael Sam is gay. What matters is that we as a society made this an issue. Sam had a horrible pro day, choked at the combine.  When other players do that, they end up dropping positions.

Why can't we look at the player for what he does on the field rather than who he loves.

Because until we do that, we're still sports idiots.
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by Sean Dillon posted May 9 2014 10:22AM
When you go golfing people laugh at your misfortune... until their ball falls into the lake , sand trap etc.

I've been getting a bunch of crap from people talking about my bad golf shot... So I remind them that it isn't just me that sucks at golf...

and then they just shut up.
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by Sean Dillon posted May 6 2014 6:36PM
have to leave it all out on the course.

So yesterday I was privledged to play in the Children's Home of Lubbock Golf Championship.  I hadn't played for over 3 years and it showed. So before I started I got some tips from Long Drive Hall of Famer Bobby Wilson. I think the one that left the most impact on me was, have fun and have one drive where you let it just go.

So I did.

I don't remember which hole it was, I was just so angry at the way I was playing. So I just choked up and swung. I had my friend Randy video my swing to see what I was doing wrong.
and I think I found my problem.  Let me know when you find out what it was... I've got no idea.
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by Sean Dillon posted Apr 28 2014 9:48AM
Well, you knew it had to happen. We've had too much silence from the lack of Breaking News from Malaysian Flight 370. The news crews had to find some controversy to gin up and this one is a DOOZY.

Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers allegedly said some really nasty things that were caught by a recorder and was released by TMZ Sports.

First, no matter what happens, Donald Sterling is an idiot.  I don't care what you say, in this time and age, it's GOING TO BE RECORDED.  If you are an owner of a team whose organization is majority minority players, why would you ever say anything as stupid as he allegedly said.

Now, I'm not going to argue the point of what should happen.  The NBA will take away his team and he will be paid a large amount of money. He will go and scurry to his next place of destruction.

But think of this, could this had been an underlying reason why the L.A. Clippers were the doormats of the NBA for years?

Tell me, would you want to work there?
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by Sean Dillon posted Apr 25 2014 10:18AM
The Texas Rangers have a majority of their players either on the DL or GONE from last years team.  They have bullpen specialists starting games and players from their minor leagues all over the starting batting order.  They got rid of perennial whiner Ian Kinsler and replaced him with Prince Fielder.

Kinsler is batting lights out for the Tigers.

Prince can't smell the Mendoza line.

Yet... with all this strife and crap...

The Rangers are tied for 1st in the AL West after sweeping the A's this week with the best record in the American League.

So why are people panicking?

Because of all the Frisco Rough Riders who are getting their chance at the brass ring. People think that they are going to choke.

I don't.

Mark my words.

Get this team healthy and it will be DIRTY! Playoff baseball is returning to DFW.

Maybe with the right pieces healthy & in place, World Series baseball.
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by Sean Dillon posted Apr 11 2014 11:01AM
I want you to remember the heartaches that Texas Tech have had to suffer through the last 25 years. Yup, it's been 25 years since the 1989 All American Bowl Victory vs Duke for the Red Raiders to finish 9-3. But Sean, I hear you crying, "we've done better, 2007, 2008."  We've also done worse, 2011, 1996-2001, 1990-1994 just to give you some examples.

We can't live in mediocrity any more.  We've had coaches that have allowed it, we've had coaches that were miserable and we've kicked out coaches because they didn't fit in with administration and the good ole boys network.

We, as a fan base,  needed a fresh start. We needed a unifying candidate. Tech gave the university and their fans Kliff Kingsbury.


A breath of fresh air on the South Plains. He relates to the players, he's played at the highest level and developed players to make their mark at the highest level.

What more can we ask for?

Fine, I'll do it.

Kliff, give the Red Raider Nation a Big 12 title in the next 2-3 years. 

You still have major national presence and have recruited well. When your players relate to you like this,

You can ask them to do anything for you and they will.

Bring the Red Raider Nation a Big 12 title. It's not like I'm asking for a National Championship, but now that you bring it up...
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by Sean Dillon posted Apr 8 2014 10:34AM
Yup, the NCAA’s are over and we’ve come to the portion of the year where some of us just can’t wait for: the return of football.  This weekend Texas Tech will host their spring game and some fans will start getting excited about the potential of these kids. But let’s be realistic with them. They are just kids. There is enough pressure that they have to perform under. 
Yup, they are under pressure.  We have such incredible expectations of these kids and very few times do kids perform under pressure well.  Most wilt.  If all of them performed well under the expectations of pressure that we as fans put them under, we’d see better results. But people fold, change and their perspectives of what is important, modify under pressure.  If every #1 prospect performed like a #1, we’d talk about them for years to come.
Ryan Leaf would be a Hall of Fame QB instead of a bust and in jail.  We put unreasonable expectations on these kids. We expect them to win National Championships, yet we should be expecting them to graduate instead.
So as we start to slug through the dog days of summer, we wait, for these children to be forged into men and onto the gridiron they go, fearless champions, ever be.
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by Sean Dillon posted Apr 4 2014 5:15PM
It's coming, the day where all NFL teams have deals in mind and the ability to fill team needs for the next couple of years. Some players will make it, most won't and there is always a Mr. Irrelevant.

Draft Day , a movie that looks at a imaginary Cleveland Browns draft may or may not show what goes behind the scenes at our favorite teams.

Wouldn't we all like to know what Jerry Jones is thinking before he makes a pick that angers some fans while endearing him to others.

I'm looking forward to the movie because I think Jennifer Garner is GORGEOUS, I'm not excited about Kevin Costner, but I think these are just leftover feelings from Water world.

The NFL Draft 2014 starts on Thursday, May 8th. What trades are yet to happen, who will be the 1st round pick, who will get ignored and slide down being embarrassed in the green room. (Manziel is my guess)

We just have to wait and I think waiting is the roughest part, cause once Draft Day is here, the beginning of football is just around the corner.

Here's to Football!
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by Sean Dillon posted Mar 27 2014 10:56AM

With demand for premium seating at an all-time high, Tech unveils new north end zone location.

They have to. It is the smartest decision that Texas Tech has made since hiring Coach Kingsbury. There is a feeling of excitement for this team. Hot coach, players that believe in the team, great facilities, Texas Tech is on the move which means more people want that VIP experience.  I applaud Texas Tech for looking outside the box for their seating issues. 


LUBBOCK, Texas – Demand for premium seating at Jones AT&T Stadium has afforded the athletics department and the Red Raider Club the opportunity to make public a new club area in the north end zone, beginning with the 2014 football season.

With premium seating areas selling out for the third consecutive season and demand at an all-time high, Texas Tech will unveil a temporary north end zone club area in 2014.  The area is expected to undergo a permanent transformation in the near future to reflect the high standards exhibited in other club areas in the stadium. 

“We work hard to respond to our fan base and currently we have exceeded our demand for premium seats,” said Amy Heard, Associate AD/Red Raider Club.  “This area allows us more opportunity to meet that demand.  The north end zone club area will be unique in many ways, one being its close proximity to the field, the closest premium area to the field thus far.”

Texas Tech will introduce sections 112A and 112B to its premium inventory beginning in 2014.  As premium seating, fans will have access to exclusive concession and cash bar stations behind the seating areas and will allow north end club seat holders to take these items to their seats in 112 A or 112 B.  These sections came on line in 2013 with the addition of the video board and exterior wall and colonnade in the north end of the stadium.  The two seating areas flank the current north end zone ticket office. 

Fans that purchase premium seating in these areas will have exclusive access to the pre-construction lounge area in the north end building during games. This north end club lounge will allow guests to enjoy complimentary soft drinks and popcorn, watch games around the country on the various televisions enhancing the area, as well as access to exclusive concessions and cash bars. 

“We believe the amenities associated with our premium areas and the excitement around Texas Tech Football will make these seats a hot commodity, just like their sold out counterparts in the east and west clubs,” noted Heard.

Purchasing north end club seating puts donors in the best position for future seasons to upgrade into any of the Jones AT&T Stadium premium areas based on the Red Raider Club Priority Points system.  Early purchase allows fans to experience the space to determine if they would permanently like to move to this area. 

The completed renovation goal would include additional outdoor club seats below the current windows, closing the inner-concourse, along with substantial remodeling of the interior space.  When the facility renovations are completed, fans with existing north end club seats will have the first right of refusal based on the Red Raider Club Priority Points system. 

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