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by Sean Dillon posted Sep 5 2015 2:01PM

It's the season opener for the Red Raiders...

Patrick Mahomes II led the Red Raiders on a 75 yard drive capped off by a Jakeem Grant 3 yard touchdown run. Mahomes was 5-7 for 56 yards. Mahomes hasn't thrown the ball deep yet.

The Bearcats responded with a 93 yard touchdown drive in 3:03. It may be a barn burner if the defense doesn't make a stop on the pitchouts.  With 8:51 left in the 1st Red Raiders are tied with the Bearcats at 7.

The Red Raiders after the touchback started the Mahomes show. Crisp, accurate passes spread the field.  4th and 9 at the Bearcat 38 caused a timeout when the Red Raiders went for it.  Spreading the field out Mahomes was looking for a defensive jump. But no jump came and Sammank came out to punt for a touchback.

David Gibbs defense tightened and forced a 3 and out.

Remember when I said he hadn't thrown the ball downfield yet? Well Mahomes has now. 64 yard Devin Lauderdale touchdown pass and Mahomes reaction after the pass reminds me of Kliff.

The Bearcats drove to the Red Raider 44 before they were forced to punt to the Red Raider 13. The fireworks are firing at the jones. The Bearcats are ranked 3rd in the initial FCS poll and with good reason. Mahommes pass tipped and intercepted. Donovan Williams took advantage of the miscue and ran it in after a short drive to tie the game up at 14.

You can hear a pin drop.

So what do you do when the defense is having problems stopping the other team? You air it out. When you can't find an open receiver, you run for 24 yards.

Mahomes is all over the place.

After 1 quarter we are tied at 14.

Mahomes after 1 is 12-19 with 1 TD and 1 INT

Mahomes should have the new nickname of the "Escape Artist," after evading MULTIPLE sacks, and throws a bullet to Ian Sadler for a Red Raider Touchdown.

Red Raiders have the wind in the 2nd quarter and Symmank spanks one for a touchback.

But the lack of a run defense continues to hurt the Red Raiders. The best solution for your run defense is when the Bearcats attempt 3 straight passes. Punting time and the first silly penalty of the year by Thierry Nguema causes the Red Raider drive to start at their own 8 which led to a quick 3 and out.

Symmank kicked it into the jet stream forcing the Bearcats to start their next possession at their 22.

But Donovan Williams runs for 47 getting into Red Raider territory and it led to a 48 yard Bearcat FG to cut the lead to 21-17.

Jakeem Grant took the kickoff back 94 yards for his second touchdown of the day.

Bearcats start their drive at the 25 and they methotically moved down the field with a trick half back pass down to the TT 21 forcing the Red Raiders to call a time out.

I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see more injuries in the second half due to dehydration and cramps.

Quick Donovan Williams dive and 28-24 with 3:44 left in the 1st half.

Mahomes leads the team down with a 53 yard pass to Ian Sadler. The O-line picked up the blitz and Mahomes found the open man. 6 plays 82 yard 1:21 drive.

and with 2:23 left in the 2nd half, 35-24 Red Raiders.

Remember Sam Houston gets the ball to start the second half...

And the pump fake by Jeremiah Briscoe draws in the defense which allows Davion Davis to split the D for a Bearcat TD. 35-31 Red Raiders with 00:49 left in half.

Under a minute, 67 yards to go... no problem. Mahomes to Lauderdale for 29 yards for a Red Raider Touchdown.

42-31 and it's ONLY HALFTIME!!

The second half starts and the Bearcats starts a running.  They pass and J.J. Gaines intercepts and runs it back for a Red Raider Touchdown.  49-31 Red Raiders

Heat is chasing many of the fans off. Seven ambulences have left the stadium.

Sam Houston St decides to gamble on a 4th and 2 and they are stopped, or are they? Let's go to the booth...

Bearcats are short. Red Raiders and Pat Mahomes II take over driving with precision passing, Mahomes moving out of the pocket and out of trouble.

With 2 holding penalties the Red Raider drove 42 yards for a Michael Barden 27 yard field goal. 9:59 left in the 3rd and it's 52-31 Red Raiders.

It is interesting that Sam Houston St. continues to pass with the inability of the Red Raider defense to stop the run.

A pair of 3 and outs by both teams led to the a TV timeout. Fans continue to stream out of the Jones.

A Bearcat drive rolled to the Red Raider 30 but Mike Mitchell recovers a fumble.  Mahomes leads the Red Raiders down quickly to the Red Zone and Justin Stockton walks in for a 4 yard TD. 59-31 Red Raiders

We're going down to the field for the 4th. See you back on the air tomorrow.


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by Sean Dillon posted Jul 10 2015 2:01PM
and I'm trying to figure out where the wins / losses in the Texas Tech schedule will fit.

Where will be the game that the Red Raiders SHOCK THE WORLD...

and which game will they overlook.

Time is getting closer to football season and I know I shouldn't overlook the summer, but it is in my bones. As an alumni, my heart beats a little faster when fall hits the campus of Texas Tech.

Are you ready for football season yet?
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by Sean Dillon posted Mar 3 2015 4:54PM
Bad news, because of renovations at the Jones, no Texas Tech Spring game this year... good news, still having practice down in Midland.

Take a look at the student-athletes on the 2015 Texas Tech roster:

Somebody make a prediction on how this team is going to do this year... I think they will surprise ALOT of you!  The countdown to the first game has begun!

2015 Spring Roster
Name Year Ht./Wt. Hometown Last School
40 Dakota Allen RS FR 6-2/234 Linebacker Humble, Texas Summer Creek
38 Kisean AllenClick here to hear it RS FR 6-0/177 Defensive Back Mesquite, Texas Poteet
51 Demetrius Alston SR 6-3/272 Defensive Line Norcross, Ga. Hutchinson CC
25 Sam Atoe SR 5-11/232 Linebacker Windsor, Calif. College of San Mateo
84 Zach Austin SO 5-11/181 Wide Receiver Austin, Texas Lake Travis
18 Micah AweClick here to hear it SR 6-0/223 Linebacker Arlington, Texas Mansfield Summitt
49 Michael Barden RS FR 5-10/174 Place Kicker Austin, Texas Westlake
19 Jalen Barnes SO 6-0/197 Defensive Back Port Arthur, Texas Memorial
12 Zach Barnes SO 6-2/230 Defensive Line Loganville, Ga. Grayson
80 Cameron Batson SO 5-9/170 Wide Receiver Oklahoma City, Okla. Millwood
1 Nigel Bethel II SO 5-9/184 Defensive Back Miami, Fla. Booker T. Washington
54 Grant BoumaClick here to hear it RS FR 6-2/224 Linebacker Bakersfield, Calif. Bakersfield Christian
30 Collin Bowen SO 6-3/212 Linebacker Amarillo, Texas Randall
46 David Brenner SR 6-0/230 Deep Snapper Plano, Texas Canyon Creek Christian Academy
65 Baylen Brown JR 6-4/310 Offensive Line San Antonio, Texas O'Connor
14 Dylan Cantrell JR 6-3/219 Wide Receiver Whitehouse, Texas Whitehouse
72 Robert CastanedaClick here to hear it RS FR 6-5/295 Offensive Line Round Rock, Texas Round Rock
29 Joseph Clark FR 5-9/170 Defensive Back Tyler, Texas Chapel Hill
62 Le'Raven Clark SR 6-6/316 Offensive Line Rockdale, Texas Rockdale
21 Michael Coley RS FR 6-3/202 Defensive Back Irving, Texas Irving
74 Cole Collier RS FR 6-2/302 Offensive Line Prosper, Texas Prosper
88 Clancy David SO 6-6/212 Wide Receiver Denver City, Texas Denver City
2 Reginald Davis JR 6-0/185 Wide Receiver Tenaha, Texas Tenaha
18 Jakari Dillard RS FR 6-4/196 Wide Receiver Princeton, Texas Princeton
22 Derrick Dixon SO 5-9/199 Defensive Back Dallas, Texas Skyline
37 Bobby EsiabaClick here to hear it SR 6-0/226 Linebacker Houston, Texas Dallastown PA
4 Breiden FehokoClick here to hear it FR 6-3/287 Defensive Line Honolulu, Hawaii Farrington
27 Demarcus Felton RS FR 5-7/188 Running Back Houston Dekaney
3 J.J. Gaines SR 6-0/181 Defensive Back Irving, Texas Nimitz
11 Jakeem Grant SR 5-7/169 Wide Receiver Mesquite, Texas Mesquite Horn
96 Clayton Hatfield RS FR 5-10/178 Place Kicker Boerne, Texas Champion
53 Kyle Heffron SO 5-10/226 Deep Snapper San Antonio, Texas Ronald Reagan
24 Payton Hendrix RS FR 6-2/202 Defensive Back Dallas, Texas Bishop Dunne
38 Ja'Deion HighClick here to hear it SO 5-11/182 Wide Receiver Hereford, Texas Hereford
9 Branden Jackson SR 6-4/268 Defensive Line McKeesport, Pa.
by Sean Dillon posted Nov 1 2014 2:01PM
Dear Texas Political Candidates, I have an offer that will guarantee my vote this and all election cycles thereafter.

Here is my challenge.

Since Texas A&M has left for the SEC and they really don't want to have to play Texas Tech or UT anymore, I want to challenge you to force them to do so. We need them as a patsy, an easy win.

Do you want my vote?

Propose a amendment to the Texas Constitution that says "The State of Texas will take 50% of Texas A&M's portion of the Permanent University Fund and reallocate it to Texas Tech University and distribute the remaining portion to any 4 year institution in the State of Texas until there is a time where Texas A&M plays Texas Tech & UT in football yearly, If UT decides that they don't want to play Texas A&M, their portion of the PUF fund will also be distributed as mentioned above."

Propose that, and let the fireworks begin.

Because every moron who claims that there is a "equality" across the state of Texas can chew on whatever BS they think.

So do you want my vote? Then do something FOR Texas Tech instead of the lip service.

Help Tech gain a better footing vs the EVIL in Austin & College Station.

I'll be waiting your phone call.
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by Sean Dillon posted Oct 31 2014 8:00PM

It’s Halloween and the trick or treaters are all around my neighborhood. But they won’t take a pair of Texas Tech Red Raider tickets from me.

“It’s a trick,” they say!

Yes, it is.

The Red Raiders are still a young team, and I still believe that we are at least 2-3 years away from a championship caliber team.

It isn't just players, UT gets the best of the best recruits in Texas, but they haven't sniffed a championship in 4 years.

It takes experience and time.

What don’t we have right now? We don’t have seasoned anything. In the past Texas Tech was filled with the Good Ole Boys network. We were filled with experience, but were not filled with excitement.

Now, Texas Tech has excitement and the power of youth, but we also have a degree of arrogance and immaturity.

The team that we pray will come around in the future will depend on the paths that are taken by all the players:

2013, a sophomore quarterback and two freshman QB’s – How did that end up?
2014, a sophomore quarterback and two freshman QB’s – 2nd verse, same as the 1st.


Expect a rebuilding of the mindset of both the coaching staff and the student athletes.

Expect a team that we should love without the expectations of winning… YET

Because the more pressure we put on this team, the bigger disappointment they will be.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders will return to the top of the Big 12, just not for the next 2 years.

That will be the treat we all deserve!

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by Sean Dillon posted Sep 19 2014 9:58AM
Red Raider fans are approaching a day that they would rather not reach. A day where realization kicks in.

"Holy crap, this team isn't that good."  Don't be surprised. It's coming and when that day arrives there are two things that you should do.

1. Cheer LOUDER
2. Show up no matter what.

But how many games will be announced with more "paid ticket" attendance than actual attendance?

The Red Raiders are still a young team, and I still believe that we are 2-3 years away from a championship caliber team.

It isn't just players, because UT gets the best of the best in Texas, they haven't sniffed a championship in 4 years. Why? Because it takes everything firing on all cylinders to become a winner. It takes fans making the home games seem impossible to visiting teams, it takes players that can execute and it takes coaches that can mold these boys into men.

It takes experience and time.

But Red Raider fans are impatient. They want the respect that winning will give them.

They want other teams to HATE them. That won't happen. It takes beating a team over and over again then losing to that same doormat to start a rivalry.

The great solution to getting respect is being patient. Do your job. Cheer.

Leave everything else up to Tech.

They will win or lose, but that's not on us giving up. That's on THEM.

Quitters never win, and winners never quit. A dust storm of doubt and frustration is coming and how we react as a fan base is how we deserved to be viewed. As fair weather fans who go wherever the wind blows us or as fans who care about this team.

That's on us.

Judgment Day is coming for the Red Raider Nation. How will we be judged?

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by Sean Dillon posted Aug 11 2014 9:57AM
So after playing around in radio for the last 18 years, I decided to go back to Texas Tech and finish my degree. I actually won a bet from a friend who thought that I would never go back, so T, I expect to see a $180 donation to the Children's Miracle Network in my sisters name before the end of the month.

I didn't tell anyone about my journey because I figured that if for some reason I had to bail, it wouldn't be that bad.

Tips I give all graduates stolen from my dad...
1. There are no more summer vacations, find a job, get the hell out of your parents house and make mistakes.
2. Make mistakes because the only way you learn is by making mistakes.
3. Listen more than you speak.
4. No one that is worth a damn will hate you for asking a question.
and finally...
5. Help others as they follow you, because someone helped you.

Guns UP, Wreck Em Tech and I'll see you on the radio!
by Sean Dillon posted Jul 16 2014 10:13AM
I've always been a person that believes that nothing that is reported in the 1st 48 hours is ever the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth, because it rarely is.  When something is reported first, emotions are high and getting the story out is more important than getting the story right.

It's amazing what the whole story will show.

When the first reports came out, Nigel Bethel II was seen as a vicious attack.

Look at the video if you must.  Bethel II didn't attack first. Battle did. There were no kicking or multiple punches. It was one punch.

YES, it is completely unacceptable for a man to hit a woman, not now, nor ever. But does the punishment fit the crime? Battle who struck FIRST, is gone for one month. Bethel II is gone for good.  It's like in the NFL. Two players may start a fight, but it's almost always the second one who gets penalized.

The Lubbock County Grand Jury sent a letter to Texas Tech Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt saying :

"We believe he was unduly and prematurely punished. This was an unfortunate incident in a pick-up basketball game. This is a matter that should not result in criminal charges for either party.

"Any assault does deserve immediate action, however, please ensure all testimonies, evidence and circumstances are reviewed prior to taking action which may forever alter a person's future.

"We desire to see Mr. Bethel's scholarship re-instated. If he is re-instated, it is our belief that his consequences should not be greater than those of Ms. Battle. If he is not re-instated, a public exoneration of his character on the part of Texas Tech University should be forthcoming, since Mr. Bethel's future opportunities for an education as well as an athletic career have been jeopardized."

The Grand Jury found find "no probable cause after reviewing the evidence presented to true-bill the charge against Nigel Bethel of aggravated assault."

Bethel was immediately removed from the TTU football program. Battle will be suspended for the month of November.

Battle admitted that she "initiated the first contact" and apologized to "Nigel, the Texas Tech community, my teammates, coaches and fans" in a statement.

So does the punishment fit? For Battle, Bethel or neither. You are the judge now, what would you suggest Kirby Hocutt do to both? 

Meet you in the comment section...

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by Sean Dillon posted May 31 2014 5:05PM
Tonight the Red Raiders take on Miami in a winners bracket game in the 2014 NCAA Baseball tournament or as some people will call it the #RoadToOmaha. The biggest game since 1995 for Red Raider baseball. I've been to Omaha, Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium, the REAL place to see a baseball game. But the NCAA has wandering wallets and the city of Omaha was forced to build TD Ameritrade Park to keep the College World Series until at least 2035. Ah the NCAA , aka the greedy bastards who want to take every dime out of college sports, but I digress, wants big stories and excitement for the College World Series. Great story lines that keep viewers glued to the television and computer screens.

But in the 1st day , the #2,5 and 6 National Seeds, basically the teams that should have NO problem at all getting to Omaha all lost. Miami in the TV coverage was a fait accompli of facing the Florida Gators in the Super Regional.

Which should piss the living hell out of the Red Raiders.  They got no credit at all for the season they had in the Big 12 because of their 2 & que in the Big 12 tourney. So how do you fix that?

Play angry, aggressive and knock Miami to the losers bracket.

Win tonight and force one of these teams to beat the Red Raiders twice.

If we win tonight, we move on cause this team wants to prove people wrong. They want to play and beat the best like when they faced the #4 national seed Indiana earlier in the year taking 3 of 4.

Play angry and win boys! #WreckEm

It won't be to play #2 national seed Florida either as they were losing 5-0 in their losers bracket game.


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by Sean Dillon posted May 22 2014 4:12PM
But I told you so.

When you are afraid, you play afraid. When you play afraid, you lose.

Texas Tech Baseball had a 7-1 lead but couldn't take advantage of it as Oklahoma, the #8 seed ejects the 4 seed and the Red Raiders are 2 and Barbeque.

This year's team has had the greatest turnaround in the Big 12 from last year, but in the end, they are no better than where they were when the started the season. Yes, they will go to a NCAA Regional, but instead of hosting a region, they will be sent far away.  Instead of being able to take advantage of home field advantage which has been incredible this season, they head out to one of the coasts. I'm predicting South Carolina as a 3 seed.

Every Texas Tech fan feels like they've been kicked in the nuts, but there is nothing we can do about it.

We've supported this team and we will continue to support these men as they represent our school.

All of the fans are just a little disappointed right now and the bitterness will wear off once Texas Tech gets a shiny NCAA tournament bid.

Good Luck Red Raiders.
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by Sean Dillon posted May 16 2014 10:59AM
Everyone who is a single female wants to marry the "most eligible bachelor" in Lubbock.

And some people want him to be The Bachelor...

"I don't know if I would have time to fit that in," Kingsbury said on FOX Sports Radio's Jay Mohr Sports. "I think every guy that's gone on ("The Bachelor") wishes they would have put that on his contract. And if they move the mansion to Lubbock, now we're talking!" (From an article from FSSW)

Should Kilff be the Bachelor? 

Let's leave the man alone and let him find love on his own without all of us pushing, "friends of friends" on him.

What do you think?
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by Sean Dillon posted Apr 16 2014 10:45AM
It will be the concert event that EVERY classic rocker is going to want to go to.  When Ringo Starr and his All Star Band came into Amarillo, I grabbed the original Rockforce 1 and bought tickets to the show. I was not going to miss an opportunity to miss one of the legends of Classic Rock. I have the same feeling in my gut right now.

June 14th United Spirit Arena.  McCartney.  One Night Only.

Paul has wanted to play Lubbock many times as he is a huge Buddy Holly fan, but routing and timing would never coincide.

This show is a YOU BETTER BE IN THE HOSPITAL SICK kinda show.

Remember the old days where you would stand in line / camp out for tickets. 

This is the show I would do that for.



June 14 - Lubbock, TX - United Spirit Arena 

$250/ $165/ $89.50/ $59.50


Lubbock Area  SELECT-A-SEAT outlets


Following an incredible 2013 which saw Paul McCartney’s universally acclaimed Out There tour launch in Brazil and visit 23 cities across South America, Europe, North America and Japan, Paul has confirmed another half dozen dates on the 2014 U.S. Out There tour. Kicking off next week in Uruguay, and tearing through Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Costa Rica, as well as Paul's return to Japan and debut in Korea, the upcoming Out There 2014 world tour will now 10 confirmed US shows.

* Paul will open the 2014 U.S. leg of the tour on June 14 with his first ever appearance in the hometown of his beloved Buddy Holly, playing the United Spirit Arena in Lubbock TX.

The Out There tour, as always, features music from the most beloved catalog in popular music, as Paul performs songs spanning his entire career–as a solo artist, member of Wings and of course as a Beatle. The set list will also include material from Paul’s most recent studio album NEW, a global hit upon its release last year.

The McCartney live experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity; in just three hours some of the greatest moments from the last 50 years of music are relived; music which for many has shaped the very soundtrack of their lives. The last decade has seen Paul and his band perform in a staggeringly impressive range of venues and locations, including outside the Coliseum in Rome, in Moscow’s Red Square, Buckingham Palace, at the White House, a free show in Mexico to over 400,000 people, and even broadcast live into Space! Featuring Paul’s band of the last 10+ years–Paul “Wix” Wickens (keyboards), Brian Ray (bass/guitar), Rusty Anderson (guitar) and Abe Laboriel Jr (drums)–the show never disappoints.

The tour also uses state of the art technology and production to ensure the entire audience has the best possible experience. With massive screens, lasers, fireworks, unique video content and, of course, the best songs in the world, a Paul McCartney show is so much more than just an ordinary concert. Paul’s shows attract a multi generational audience from different backgrounds all brought together by his music.

2014 got off to an incredible start for Paul as he set a personal career best by winning an incredible five GRAMMY Awards in one night. In the UK he was honored by music bible NME with a special one off award, the ‘Songwriter’s Songwriter Award’ chosen for this unique accolade by his fellow peers.

Tickets for the Lubbock show go on sale Friday, April 25 at 10 a.m. through Select-a-Seat of Lubbock at  www.selectaseatlubbock.com, by phone at 806-770-2000 or toll-free 1-800-735-1288, and at all Lubbock area Select-a-Seat outlets (Civic Center box office, TTU Student Union box office, Dollar Western Wear, Ralph’s Records and Tapes, and United Supermarkets). Ticketing fees apply. Ticket prices subject to change up to the on sale date.

Select-a-Seat is the only authorized ticket vendor.

American Express® Card Members can purchase tickets before the general public beginning Monday, April 21 at 10 a.m. through Thursday, April 24 at 10 p.m., www.selectaseatlubbock.com.






“Two songs into the first of two shows at the Erwin Center, Paul McCartney announced, ‘we are going to have a party here tonight.’ For three hours on Wednesday night, McCartney fueled that party with a mix of hits from his days with the Beatles and his later career with Wings, showing off his skill as a writer of both simple, poignant ballads and more complex rock pieces… left the crowd alternating between singalong and awe… a big, joyous trip.”


“The still ‘cute’ Beatle played 38 songs in two hours and 45 minutes Thursday night at the Erwin Center. McCartney, not rock & roll, may be the universal language… You may only ever see Paul McCartney live once, but it’ll define a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”


“Thanks to his unparalleled repertoire, his miraculously still-marvelous voice, and the skills of his crackerjack, four-man backing band, even the most intimate moments – a delicate, solo acoustic ‘Blackbird’ or the chills-inducing ‘Eleanor Rigby’ – were as captivating as brawny, spectacle-assisted rockers like ‘Back in the U.S.S.R.’”


“McCartney packed his latest Fenway show – he sold the park out twice in 2009 – with Beatles classics, Wings hits, and a few odd nuggets… The legend did so many things well it’s hard to find an entry point… There was hugging, there were tears, there was a 35,000-strong singalong. Everyone knew the epics were coming, everyone knew they would be cathartic. But this guy born in 1942 – this working-class Liverpool lad who’s been playing some of these songs for 50 years (!) – made us feel the love.”


“For three sweaty hours and two encores, fans got to bask in the presence of a legend who seemed genuinely glad to be there, and who still commands the star power to drive a crowd of nearly 44,000 giddy with the smallest gesture.”


“… dazzling show of enduring hits… McCartney didn’t hesitate to salute the American music that shaped his career”


“… the Beatles legend left a capacity crowd buzzing… McCartney’s concert at the arena reaffirmed his place as the popular champion… a nearly 40-song, three-hour set of Beatles classics, rarities, tributes and favorites from his Wings and solo catalog, a truly epic and awe-inspiring performance.”


“… though the show was dominated by classics from several different periods of the 50-odd years this remarkable artist/icon has been performing, there was no oldies-show aura to any of it… McCartney’s refusal to age or to go gentle into dilapitude or obsolescence is uncanny. His lithe and youthful appearance was matched on Sunday night by his seemingly undiminished stage energy.”


“McCartney treated the crowd… the largest attendance for a non-baseball event in Miller Park history, to 38 songs and nearly three hours of material… including a handful of songs – including ‘Another Day’ and the playfully simple ‘All Together Now’ – McCartney said weren’t performed before this tour.”


“It’s amazing that, with a catalogue more exposed and beloved than any of the last 50 years, McCartney could find something fresh to give fans. It’s equally unlikely, and pleasing, that… he could deliver these songs with such verve and verisimilitude.”


“Paul McCartney played a tight and polished headlining show Friday at the Bonnaroo festival… He sounded strong and energized… It was a bit like a performance from a head of state, and the enormous crowd held its respect through nearly all of it: walking against the flow of faces, you saw a remarkable kind of quiet concentration… In a scene where music from different stages is always competing in the air, sometimes aggressively, your ear gravitates toward these kinds of musicians, who seem to be giving you something rather than selling it.”


“Paul McCartney is always up for a challenge. His two-hour-and-40-minute set was also a model of efficiency, barely breaking between songs for more than a few words of banter or a quick story… what made his show memorable were the songs – and the chance to see McCartney himself. It doesn’t get much more rock and roll than that.”


“Opening with the 1964 Beatles’ classic, ‘Eight Days A Week,’ Paul brought the energy throughout his three-hour set, playing an expansive mix of Beatles, Wings and solo material.”


“At its heart, every McCartney performance is a reminder of the unmatched inspiration and influence of timeless Beatles music, the soundtrack of a band that legitimately changed the world…the show was a testament to McCartney’s own longevity… a legend, one of the rare pop musicians to really deserve that over-used title.”


“There are certain things you expect from an arena show (glitz/glam), and there are certain things you expect from a music legend (hits/banter)… the show crazy-delivered on both counts… Sir Paul bested even his FX team with rocking, fearless vocals… McCartney’s fans were a mix of old and young. He blew kisses to all of them throughout the show; I swear, you could see them floating like little hearts through the neon lights. I had the pleasure of sitting across the aisle from an actual screaming teenage girl, who bobbed and cried and shrieked, her phone overhead pumping it repeatedly. She wore braces and at one point shook so hard, her orthodontic wax fell on the floor… even a music legend can continue giving his fans something extra… there was nothing to do but love McCartney do.”


(BONNAROO) “Seeing the 70-year-old Beatle, whose voice has hardly aged a day since Please Please Me, play universally loved, time-transcending staples like ‘Let It Be,’ ‘Eight Days a Week’ and ‘Yesterday’ – selections from inarguably the most influential song book in pop music history – in 2013 (and all in their original keys!) is like being able to go see Abraham Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg Address in person. It’s a privilege for anyone born in the last half century to hear this music performed live, in the moment, and with such grace, by the man who composed them. That wasn’t lost on the 80,000-or-so elated festivalgoers that congregated for Macca’s extraordinary performance… the single greatest Bonnaroo headlining performance in the festival’s 12-year history, as it was moment after awesome moment of fever-pitched collective transcendence. ‘Paperback Writer,’ ‘Maybe I’m Amazed,’ ‘Band on the Run,’ ‘Blackbird,’ ‘Something; (played in tribute to George Harrison), ‘Eleanor Rigby,’ ‘We Can Work It Out,’ ‘Hey Jude’ – to have not gotten swept up in and invigorated by the life-affirming celebration would be an outright rejection of joy… Now the question is, how will Bonnaroo ever top this?”

(OUTSIDE LANDS) “… the biggest fireworks at Outside Lands’ opening ceremony – literally and figuratively – came with the day’s anchor act… Paul McCartney. Some fans found the performance cathartic. Some cried. Others had wide smiles from start to finish. Nearly everyone understood the weight of Sir Paul tearing soulfully through Beatles and Wings numbers with the conviction of the person who wrote those songs – ‘Blackbird,’ ‘Paperback Writer,’ ‘Hey Jude,’ ‘Eleanor Rigby,’ ‘Let It Be,’ and so on and so forth – which, individually and collectively, helped shape our very idea of rock & roll… moved virtually every single person in the field, including security guards and food vendors.”

(BARCLAYS CENTER, BROOKLYN) “It’s nearly impossible to feel anything but excitement watching McCartney play many of the greatest rock songs ever written, and he’s careful to bring more than a few surprises each time he comes around… McCartney clearly lives for this. Crazy as it sounds, he very well might pull a Chuck Berry and still be at this late into his eighties. Why the hell not?”


“… a moment in history… Sir Paul McCartney played to a sold-out crowd of 47,000 people at Safeco Field on Friday… There won’t be a more historic concert in Seattle this year than Paul McCartney’s show on Friday night. That was a given even before McCartney came on stage, as it was Safeco’s first-ever concert. But McCartney made it a night for the ages by playing an inspired set of mostly Beatles songs, and ending with a Nirvana reunion, of sorts… It was magnificent.”


“… one of the best I’ve seen… nothing short of a fan’s dream. This was about as close to perfect as it gets. McCartney himself remains a force of nature… he has clearly inherited the mantle of ‘world’s oldest teenager.’”


“Last night in Golden Gate Park, tens of thousands of people sang along… The words, the melodies, and the voice carrying them arrived like a burst of long-captive air — familiar, yet revelatory. Soul-stirring, even… sung by Paul McCartney, who for the first night of Outside Lands 2013 took a sold-out San Francisco audience back to one of pop music’s original supernovas, and let us bask in its incredible warmth for the best part of three hours… Sir Paul can still sing, still play, and still charm… So the question of whether or not it was a ‘good’ show almost doesn’t apply — Paul McCartney… was good in a way that no other show could be.”


“He gave his fans what they came for, with a set including nearly three dozen hits over 2½ hours. Fans shot to their feet, clapping and cheering, twisting and singing, as McCartney blasted into ‘Eight Days a Week.’ Grown women cried. Their husbands held them tight as McCartney let loose the soundtrack of rock ‘n’ roll history… His voice strong, his stature strait-backed, the affable British Invasion pioneer thanked the crowd for the warm welcome… A woman handed a packet of tissues down an aisle, eyes moist. Down the aisle it went until it was nearly empty.”


“McCartney sends all his loving to D.C. audience, and they send it back… There he was, 71 years old and forever young, presiding over another evening of civic ecstasy on another American ball field. And the guy made it all look so easy-breezy, with sly grins, and knowing nods, and four backing musicians who summoned big sounds with calm assurance.”


by Sean Dillon posted Apr 11 2014 11:01AM
I want you to remember the heartaches that Texas Tech have had to suffer through the last 25 years. Yup, it's been 25 years since the 1989 All American Bowl Victory vs Duke for the Red Raiders to finish 9-3. But Sean, I hear you crying, "we've done better, 2007, 2008."  We've also done worse, 2011, 1996-2001, 1990-1994 just to give you some examples.

We can't live in mediocrity any more.  We've had coaches that have allowed it, we've had coaches that were miserable and we've kicked out coaches because they didn't fit in with administration and the good ole boys network.

We, as a fan base,  needed a fresh start. We needed a unifying candidate. Tech gave the university and their fans Kliff Kingsbury.


A breath of fresh air on the South Plains. He relates to the players, he's played at the highest level and developed players to make their mark at the highest level.

What more can we ask for?

Fine, I'll do it.

Kliff, give the Red Raider Nation a Big 12 title in the next 2-3 years. 

You still have major national presence and have recruited well. When your players relate to you like this,

You can ask them to do anything for you and they will.

Bring the Red Raider Nation a Big 12 title. It's not like I'm asking for a National Championship, but now that you bring it up...
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by Sean Dillon posted Apr 8 2014 10:34AM
Yup, the NCAA’s are over and we’ve come to the portion of the year where some of us just can’t wait for: the return of football.  This weekend Texas Tech will host their spring game and some fans will start getting excited about the potential of these kids. But let’s be realistic with them. They are just kids. There is enough pressure that they have to perform under. 
Yup, they are under pressure.  We have such incredible expectations of these kids and very few times do kids perform under pressure well.  Most wilt.  If all of them performed well under the expectations of pressure that we as fans put them under, we’d see better results. But people fold, change and their perspectives of what is important, modify under pressure.  If every #1 prospect performed like a #1, we’d talk about them for years to come.
Ryan Leaf would be a Hall of Fame QB instead of a bust and in jail.  We put unreasonable expectations on these kids. We expect them to win National Championships, yet we should be expecting them to graduate instead.
So as we start to slug through the dog days of summer, we wait, for these children to be forged into men and onto the gridiron they go, fearless champions, ever be.
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by Sean Dillon posted Mar 27 2014 10:56AM

With demand for premium seating at an all-time high, Tech unveils new north end zone location.

They have to. It is the smartest decision that Texas Tech has made since hiring Coach Kingsbury. There is a feeling of excitement for this team. Hot coach, players that believe in the team, great facilities, Texas Tech is on the move which means more people want that VIP experience.  I applaud Texas Tech for looking outside the box for their seating issues. 


LUBBOCK, Texas – Demand for premium seating at Jones AT&T Stadium has afforded the athletics department and the Red Raider Club the opportunity to make public a new club area in the north end zone, beginning with the 2014 football season.

With premium seating areas selling out for the third consecutive season and demand at an all-time high, Texas Tech will unveil a temporary north end zone club area in 2014.  The area is expected to undergo a permanent transformation in the near future to reflect the high standards exhibited in other club areas in the stadium. 

“We work hard to respond to our fan base and currently we have exceeded our demand for premium seats,” said Amy Heard, Associate AD/Red Raider Club.  “This area allows us more opportunity to meet that demand.  The north end zone club area will be unique in many ways, one being its close proximity to the field, the closest premium area to the field thus far.”

Texas Tech will introduce sections 112A and 112B to its premium inventory beginning in 2014.  As premium seating, fans will have access to exclusive concession and cash bar stations behind the seating areas and will allow north end club seat holders to take these items to their seats in 112 A or 112 B.  These sections came on line in 2013 with the addition of the video board and exterior wall and colonnade in the north end of the stadium.  The two seating areas flank the current north end zone ticket office. 

Fans that purchase premium seating in these areas will have exclusive access to the pre-construction lounge area in the north end building during games. This north end club lounge will allow guests to enjoy complimentary soft drinks and popcorn, watch games around the country on the various televisions enhancing the area, as well as access to exclusive concessions and cash bars. 

“We believe the amenities associated with our premium areas and the excitement around Texas Tech Football will make these seats a hot commodity, just like their sold out counterparts in the east and west clubs,” noted Heard.

Purchasing north end club seating puts donors in the best position for future seasons to upgrade into any of the Jones AT&T Stadium premium areas based on the Red Raider Club Priority Points system.  Early purchase allows fans to experience the space to determine if they would permanently like to move to this area. 

The completed renovation goal would include additional outdoor club seats below the current windows, closing the inner-concourse, along with substantial remodeling of the interior space.  When the facility renovations are completed, fans with existing north end club seats will have the first right of refusal based on the Red Raider Club Priority Points system. 

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