April 23, 2014
2:35 am

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Dillon's Soapbox

Sean Dillon has opinions... tell him how he is wrong... or cheer that he is right!
by Sean Dillon posted Apr 22 2014 10:28AM
Recently, I've been sent letters from professionals who want my help on their projects. It's an honor to be considered for these efforts, but I am distracted by the amount of spelling mistakes that somehow get past. Now in a blog, Zuckerbook or something informal, I can understand being loosey-goosey with the language, but this was a PROFESSIONAL LETTER ASKING FOR MY HELP!

Really? As a society, we should realize that technology is our friend and that we have the ability to have several spell checkers / dictionaries / online dictionaries available to us and we should use them.

Because seeing this:

should scare the living hell out of you.
by Sean Dillon posted Apr 11 2014 11:01AM
I want you to remember the heartaches that Texas Tech have had to suffer through the last 25 years. Yup, it's been 25 years since the 1989 All American Bowl Victory vs Duke for the Red Raiders to finish 9-3. But Sean, I hear you crying, "we've done better, 2007, 2008." We've also done worse, 2011, 1996-2001, 1990-1994 just to give you some examples.

We can't live in mediocrity any more. We've had coaches that have allowed it, we've had coaches that were miserable and we've kicked out coaches because they didn't fit in with administration and the good ole boys network.

We, as a fan base, needed a fresh start. We needed a unifying candidate. Tech gave the university and their fans Kliff Kingsbury.


A breath of fresh air on the South Plains. He relates to the players, he's played at the highest level and developed players to make their mark at the highest level.

What more can we ask for?

Fine, I'll do it.

Kliff, give the Red Raider Nation a Big 12 title in the next 2-3 years.

You still have major national presence and have recruited well. When your players relate to you like this,

You can ask them to do anything for you and they will.

Bring the Red Raider Nation a Big 12 title. It's not like I'm asking for a National Championship, but now that you bring it up...
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by Sean Dillon posted Mar 20 2014 1:24PM
And millions of people who had Ohio State moving onto the Sweet 16 are cursing.

Way to go Dayton.

This is why we call it Madness. Actually we call it infuriating, but March Infuriating doesn't roll off the tongue.

By the way, I'm not going to call my listeners names if their brackets beat mine.

I'm going to be cheering for them.

I'm not that type of "My listeners SUCK" kinda DJ.
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by Sean Dillon posted Feb 6 2014 11:45AM
One of the most corrupt and immoral nations bought the Olympics and we should be celebrating?  Russia spent 51 BILLION dollars on building the biggest boondoggle since the US Govt paid $800 for toilet seats.

But what do we expect? The Olympics are a farce. They are a political hot potato that nobody deserves.

Corruption is one of the rings of the Olympic Ideals, faster, higher, more crooked.  Salt Lake City's winter Olympics was filled with payoffs and corruption so this isn't just a "the US is better than the Ruskies" post.

It's about what the Olympics brings to an area. The goal should be tourism, and new venues that can be used for the benefit of the community.

How many venues were built for Olympic games and destroyed? I'll give you Sarajevo and their war, but come on, why waste money for a two week project that tickets are STILL available to?

Putin got his Olympics, he's still the power in Russia, but with every #SochiProblems post on Twitter or #SochiFail I see, I laugh.

Enjoy your bought Olympics 45 minutes away from the town that it is named for. Enjoy the debt and the buildings that surround the swamp of Sochi.

Cause the US, will be celebrating Gold... that is unless the refs for the 1972 Olympic Basketball team are out of retirement.
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by Sean Dillon posted Jan 3 2014 10:19AM
So my brother asked me my opinion of Hulu Plus... so I thought I'd share it with you also.

I love Hulu. Love the concept of finding some of my old favorites and even new series where I can sit and binge on a single show for a weekend.

But I think Hulu Plus is stupid because their subscription model is useless. 

Hulu provides GREAT video streaming services to the web and the web only. Want to watch it on a television , you're hosed. Wanna watch it on a phone, hosed again. This is because their licensing with content providers specifically prohibits streaming to devices other than a computer browser.

So I'll look past that and examine the question my brother had...

Why Hulu Plus?

My answer T is easy?


Do you get less commercials? No.

That's like saying I'm paying to get this...

and instead we get ...

Do you get more content? Yes.

Is it worth having to look at commercials and crippleware? No.

People are going to have to complain and whine so Hulu gets off their ass and provide a VALUABLE service if your going to pay for it. After all, you should GET what you pay for. 

So T, enjoy Hulu.

But don't get Hulu + ... YET.


Your Brother

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