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Dear people who post pictures of food...

by Sean Dillon posted Dec 24 2013 11:40AM
Yes, this looks delicious. There is something great about food, I could sample food from around the world and can't get enough of it. However, my doctor and my stomach have conspired against me with this thing called a diet.

I can't eat every one of you delicious sausage links. No mash, no ham, just boring and bland. Yes, once I get my cholesterol down, I will come back to you, but not to the extremes that I have in the past.

But I can't take it right now.

I could eat the meat off of the bone right now. I'm dreaming of ribs, pies and pastries.

But I'm stuck in the diet zone till the doc tells me I'm good again.

So, on behalf of my stomach and my soul. Please stop tempting me.


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12/23/2013 10:30AM
Dear people who post pictures of food...
He's 6'1 , 260 and needs to lose the weight. Encourage Sean below...
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