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Common courtesy...

by Sean Dillon posted Feb 4 2014 10:00AM
The words, PLEASE and THANK YOU. They are simple words and yet so many of us screw it up.  We think when we ask for something that a please is automatically understood.

"Can you get me that Phillips head, Dick?"

Now, now matter if the guy's name is DIck or not, how much nicer would have it been had said...

"Can you please get me that Phillips head, Dick?"

But we don't say it. 

We're too lazy.  We don't give a damn. We care about our lives, our problems and only when our problems can be fixed by others are we insulted by THEIR actions.

"Hey DICK, why didn't you get me the F'in Phillips head?"

So, don't be a dick, use common courtesy.... please?

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02/04/2014 10:15AM
Common courtesy...
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