October 8, 2015
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Captain Obvious here with a doozie : You can get hurt doing a belly flop...

by Sean Dillon posted Jul 23 2013 10:25AM

Belly-flops can cause injuries


Believe it or not, some people have made a profession out of this.Darren Taylor, aka "Professor Splash," professionally jumps from high ledges, landing belly-down in a small pool of water. Even reality shows have caught on to the entertainment value of a well-executed belly-flop; ABC's "Splash" features celebrities executing dives poorly.For those of us who may not be the best divers, there is good news: Belly-flops rarely cause serious injuries. That said, let's talk about what can happen, other than a bruised ego.The higher you jump or dive from, the faster you will hit the water. Some experts believe that you can reach speeds of up to 40 mph diving from a 10-meter board (almost 33 feet). And as nice as the water feels when you are in it, it does not act that way when you enter it at a high speed. 
Duh people. When you are 8 belly flops are cool. When you are 43, they hurt like hell!
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07/23/2013 9:25AM
Captain Obvious here with a doozie : You can get hurt doing a belly flop...
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